Diecast Gems Model & Box Grading

Below is a guide to our grading system for the model itself, and of course the box. 

If you have any doubts, or questions, please feel free to contact me here.

Model Condition: Explained

On each models decription, these grades describe what condition its in using the guide below.

5 GradeMint

As made, may have a minor casting mark.

4.75 Almost  Mint

May have the most minor fault from mint.

4.5 Grade Very Near Mint

Minor imperfections.

4 GradeNear Mint

Could be several smaller marks or maybe one or two obvious chips from mint. May include a tiny touch in but this would always be stated clearly.

3.5 GradeExcellent Plus

Maybe some obvious marking but a bright example, or a major chip or several obvious smaller chips. A carefully touch in or two possible but would be clearly stated.


A few marks, overall some could be heavy. Touch-ins on a very nice model possible. Always stated.

2.5 GradeGood Plus

Some playwear-still presentable, near mint but maybe a broken part. Touch-ins possible but always stated.

2 GradeGood

General playwear. Touch-ins possible always stated.

1 GradePoor

Heavy playwear-broken part/s. Touch-ins or repaints possible always stated.

Box Condition: Explained

I’ve also graded the model boxes below! Don’t forget to check the variations for any leaflets etc.

Box 5Mint

Like new, may include neat pricing.

Box 4.5Very Near Mint

Could be slight wear, neat pricing and shop price label.

Box 4Near Mint

Possible early edge wear, slight card dulling, heavier pricing, light graffiti. Possible signs of a price label carefully removed.

Box 3.5Excellent Plus

Maybe some minor edge wear, starter tears or heavy pricing. Could also be graffiti or tape residue. Overall the box would remain a nice box.

Box 3Excellent

Possible re-attached flaps or some bigger flap tears. May include one or more of the faults as in the above grade.

Box 2.5Good Plus

Overall general age wear but complete or badly removed price label. Maybe some unsightly graffiti or tape residue present.

Box 2Good

Quite tired looking with some tears. The card could be dull with possible missing flap/s.

Box 1Poor

Probable missing flaps with the box falling apart that overall, looks very tired.