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6 Rare Corgi arrived in March 2019

6 Rare Corgi just arrived.

Rare Rovers with white interiors and the Blue 238 Jaguar with yellow interior are all 1sts for Diecast Gems.

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Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys

We've a huge collection of Dinky Toys - including some very rare examples.


Founded in 1933 - these are very popular, and highly collectible!


Born in the early 1930's, these "toys with transformations" are increasing in value all the time.

French Dinky

By the late 1930s the French Dinky Toys range had begun to diversify from that of the British parent company, concentrating on the products of the French motor manufacturers and eventually including; Citroën, Peugeot, Simca, Renault, Panhard and Ford of France.

Matchbox Series


Its origins are rooted in a father's desire to please his daughter, and it's where the very name comes from.

Spot-on Series

Spot On

Spot-On models, was a brand name for a line of diecast toy cars made by Tri-ang from 1959 through to about 1967.

Featured: 100 Series

Our Unique Grading System

Each model throughout our website shows a condition rating for both the model and box itself.

This shows collectors a more accurate snap shot.

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Why Buy from Diecast Gems?

Hi, I am Phil Silvester – husband, father, grandfather and avid Dinky collector.

I have been collecting Diecast toys for over 40 years, specialising in high quality models and how to differentiate quality stock from cheap mock ups or touch ups.

My clients have returned to me again and again, knowing they can rely on me to source them true quality to add to their portfolios – which is why I launched Diecast Gems in 2013 to provide a new source of quality Diecast models for sale to the discerning collector

Model Count


A new arrival of quality Corgi toys from the Cornish collection have arrived!

A collection of Corgi toys has been built up over the last 30 years with only the best examples sought after.

Diecast Gems now has the opportunity to market a selection of this collection over the coming months with some very rare offerings.

Keep a watch for ‘The Cornish collection’