Corgi 292 Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino


Issued: 1977-82
Published: March 2020

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Description & Condition

Inspired by the 1970’s T.V. Series. 5 Grade
Corgi 292 Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino. Very, very near mint/boxed.
A 70’s Iconic Corgi model, complete with all three figures (Starsky, Hutch and villain) and* inner card backdrop*. The car is still fixed to a hard plastic base with the detachable colourful card backdrop (pristine condition).
The car is in as mint condition as you would hope for. Hardly ever removed from it’s box.
Fully light tested and no interference.

Box Box 4

The attractive, colourful outer box has barely any wear and comes complete with all end flaps intact though one flap has a small tape repair out of sight otherwise about mint.
Original cellophane is intact.
Very nice!