Corgi Toys 220 Chevrolet Impala


Issued: 1960-65
Published: August 2019
Variations: Harder to find issue

Availability: In stock

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Supplied from the ‘Italian Collection’



This is a pink version with a lemon interior and the harder to find early flat silver wheels with all round suspension. It has a grey base.

Condition 4.5 Grade

Superb example with just a tiny nick at the back edge corner to one rear wing  and a couple of the most minor box rubs, A superb example.

The tyres, wheels and base all very clean as is the glass. Nice working suspension.

Box Box 4

A nice strong box with only minimal wear. Slight compression resulting in creases to box sides but still a very fresh box.


Fully light tested for any obvious touch ups. None seen. Harder variation to find with these early wheels.