Corgi Toys 238 Jaguar Mark X


Issued: 1962-67

Availability: In stock

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Available for sale from my own long standing personal Corgi collection.


This popular model came in over 10 different colours and this is the blue version with a red interior. There are two examples this is the lighter shade version. It has silver shaped spun wheels a silver base plate and jewelled headlights. Extra features with an opening boot and bonnet and one large  suitcase in the boot.

Condition 4.75

A superb example so close to mint. One tiny mark to the boot. Shiny wheels and base plate with like new tyres.

Box  Box 3.5

A complete box with nice flaps with plenty of spring. Some age wear and small stain spots but a nice box.


Fully light tested for any obvious touch ups. None seen. A superb bright example all round.


The last picture is to display the group range of colours available for sale. Only the one item is being advertised.

A further picture shows the two blue shades. The above is the lighter shade of the two.

Read more about model and box conditions>>

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