Corgi Toys 268 The Green Hornet, Black Beauty


Issued: 1967-72
Published: March 2020
Variations: Scarce cast wheels

Availability: In stock

Description & Condition 4.75

Corgi 268 The Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. Scarce Cast wheels. Very, very near mint/boxed.
A beautiful example in very, very close to mint condition. The detailed roof transfer is complete and perfect, the car’s gadgets function well, the radiator notably closes securely.
The rear suspension does not operate and this is what removes a mint description. There is no fault to the bodywork.
It comes complete with the *original Secret Instruction packet which has been opened. Inside are four missiles and four scanners.

Box Box 4.5

The inner card stand is really very nice indeed with such vibrant colours on clean, crisp card. The atmospheric artwork is a delight! As-new look and feel.
If you have been looking for an extremely fresh and bright example, this box fits the bill! A superlative example, with just a couple of minor frays to the edge of a flap.
Gives the appearance of unsold shop stock.


A premium example for your collection.
Fully light tested and no seen interference.