Corgi Toys 277 Monkeemobile


Issued: 1968-72
Published: March 2020
Sold: April 2020

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Description & Condition 5 Grade

This model was inspired by the T.V. show ‘The Monkees’ and was issued between 1968-72. A superb example with a bright red finish, white roof, detailed cast wheels, complete with all four figures inside. Complete ‘Monkees’ transfers on both sides. Bright chrome engine detail. Couple of mere dots only. Nose of the vehicle is happily chip-free.
Very nice!

Box Very, Near Mint Box 4.5

Crisp, card and cellophane box has smooth original intact cellophane. Fresh and brightly-coloured.
Inner card stand is notably puncture-free! No pricing.


A premium example for your collection.
Fully light tested and no seen interference.