Corgi Toys 303 Mercedes Benz 300SL Open Roadster


Issued: 1958-60
Published: August 2019

Availability: In stock

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Supplied from the ‘Italian Collection’



This is a 1st issue blue model with white interior, early flat spun wheels and no suspension.

Condition 3.5 Grade

A bright example with a mint appearance. There is a discolored paint patch on the right side by the highline between windscreen and front wheel. Other than this there is only the most minor of marks. The windscreen is perfect and the tyres, wheels and base all very nice.

Box Box 3.5

A nice strong box with only minimal wear.  There is some graffiti on one picture side and the price has been badly removed by Biro to one end flap.


Fully light tested for any obvious touch ups. None seen. A bargain purchase due to the discolored patch.