Corgi Toys 479 Commer Mobile Camera Unit ‘Samuelson’


Issued: 1968-71
Published: March 2020
Variations: Rare internal colour

Availability: In stock

Description & Condition 4 Grade

Corgi 479 Commer Mobile Camera Van ‘Samuelson’. RARE CREAM INTERIOR. Near mint plus/boxed. With black equipment case.
A rare find!
This metallic blue and white Commer Van has a cream interior usually blue (rare find). Complete with intact ‘Samuelson Film Service Limited’ paper labels on both sides. Includes the little black plastic opening equipment case, 3 position cameraman and his rotating camera. Suspension on spun wheels. As-new Corgi tyres with ‘Corgi Toys’ embossed.
Some marks mainly to the rear by the opening door. Couple of tiny marks besides. The camera tripod is tarnished.

Box Box 3.5

The header card picture box is complete, brightly-coloured and clean. So often, the large header cards become very creased and worn with the result that they do not stand up straight. This example has received a firm plastic transparent strip to the back which actually enhances the box and avoids the header bending.
small punctures to the original cellophane window along top edge. The inner card is complete just a little grubby. Overall a reasonable box.
This version rarely comes to the market place.

Fully light tested and no touch-ins.