Dinky 153 Standard Vanguard


Issued: 1953-54
Published: March 2020
Variations: Rare issue

Availability: In stock

Description & Condition

Rare USA Export colour. Issued 1953-1954     3.5 Grade

This model was first issued in 1948 under it’s former code 40e and was issued in a trade box of 6. It was renumbered in 1954 when it received its own individual box.
This was one of several models which became affectionately known as the 40 series and one of the most popular areas of Dinky toy collecting. Several colours were issued and this resulted in some shade variations and rare wheel colour combinations.

This is a very rare colour issued at the transactional renumbering time. I believe this model could have come through a trade box, individual dual number box or a 153 box as in this case with factory applied dark blue end flap stickers.

I have never seen a mint example of this model and this is only the third example I have handled. It has a dark blue body with no cross hatching inside the roof, and no name casting to the underside given to the later models. It has fawn wheels and black smooth tyres. The base for this model is the later type large writing.

There is a lovely lustre paint finish. There are several marks around the model. Mainly a scratch on the roof and down the left side rear door. A few minor marks beside. Never the less an excellent bright example. Base plate and wheels all perfect. The two left side tyres have small flats.

Box. Box 4.5

A superb box is provided a 153 with lovely dark blue end spots factory applied. Complete, with no repairs and tight flaps. Minor shelf marks to the underside from mint. However a fresh looking box in great shape. No pricing.


A rare piece, missing in many established collections. A bright model which still displays really well.

Fully light inspected and no signs of any added touch-ins.