Dinky Toys 028c Manchester Guardian Delivery Van Type 2


Issued: 1935-39
Published: July 2019
Other: Very Rare Pre War Issue

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Available for sale from my own long standing personal Dinky collection.

Dinky Toys 028C Pre War ‘Manchester Guardian’ Delivery Van Type 2

A ‘Diecast Gem’


Here is an original Type 2 Manchester Guardian van. Hard to find in any condition and where fatigue is the big enemy to this type 2 delivery van.  Completely original with original hardened white tyres with no flats on black smooth wheels. The deep red body sports gold lettering repeating ‘The Manchester Guardian’ on each van side.


There is no sign of fatigue in this casting. It has all original parts. As you would expect there is some paint loss particularly around the wheel arches suggesting this model experienced play wear. Minor cracks in tyres but as they have now hardened this is unlikely to produce tyres which break up.  The axles are nice and straight with some rust to the front pin. A rare piece and  a likely great gap filler for the Pre-War enthusiast.


None. Sold from a trade box of six different advertising vans.


What an opportunity for the connoisseur Dinky collector. Great to see there is no fatigue in this most vulnerable of series.

Light tested for any obvious touch-ins and no evidence seen.