Dinky Toys 038A Fraser Nash


Issued: 1946 Only
Published: February 2020
Variations: Scarce issue

Availability: In stock

One of 12 variations available from my personal collection.

Description & Condition

This is a scarce version only issued immediately post war for one year only of this Fraser Nash sports car. It comes in royal blue with a blue interior, black smooth wheels & tyres, a clear windscreen (now broken-base inside), a solid steering wheel and a lacquered smooth shiny base plate with domed rivets.

It is in excellent condition with a few nicks but a very presentable example. Superb colour.

Bright paint work, nice seating (some tiny nicks), snapped off windscreen (I can supply a replacement if required) fine wheels and a very clean base. The back tyres are nice but the front two have flats (easily replaceable if required).

Box.  None

Sold from a shop-keepers box of six models.


A striking and scarce colour and early issue. In overall nice condition, fully light tested with no observed added touch-ins.