Dinky Toys 040b Triumph 1800


Issued: 1949-54
Published: February 2020
Variations: Harder to find colour variation

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Dinky Toys 040b/151 Triumph 1800 Scarce colour wheels

Description & Condition. Very, Near Mint 4.5 Grade

Here is a beautiful Triumph 1800 model finished in bright mid blue with scarce fawn wheels. Hardly a mark to be seen and no play wear. Tyres are great and model rolls well with a clean base and wheels.
Please note; there are two added discreet red tail lights and the front number plate has had a sticker removed, leaving part and some residue.


None. May have been sold in an individual box or a trade box of six.


Stunning looking model. Please note above comments.
This model has been fully light tested and there is no sign of any touch ups other than the rear light enhancement.