Dinky Toys 101 Cerise Sunbeam Alpine Tourer


Issued: 1957-60
Variations: 100 series
Other: See article written on 100 series

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This example is in cerise body with cream interior, with fawn ridged wheels. In addition smooth tyres with standard no number mottled base and cream steering wheel and tail lights.

Condition. 4.5 Grade

Superb lustre to the paintwork. Any marking is contained to the left rear wing. Tiny speck of stray silver on top of the boot behind the driver. Superb example. A casting mark to the left rear wheel otherwise perfect wheels, tyres and base plate with an un-marked windscreen glass.

Box. 4 Grade

A very nice box complete with correct colour end spots. End flaps nice and firm with no tears. Minor age marking and biro pricing at one end flap.


Very attractive model ready for display. Light tested. Cabinet or showroom quality.

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