Dinky Toys 102 Joe’s Car


Issued: 1969-75
Published: April 2020

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Inspired by Gerry Anderson’s T.V. series ‘Joe 90’. This Joe’s Car model has a bright metallic green/blue finish with chrome engines. opening wings and extending tail fins. Suspension on all four wheels. Battery powered engine exhaust. Jewelled headlights. Intact windscreen and figure of Joe 90:

Condition 4.75

Superb example with just one tiny mark on a wing when extended and the usual cab roof pin has been rubbed. Otherwise mint with no identified faults.

The chrome engines are superb and the extended metal rods are bright. A very nice model indeed. There is no battery for the flashing engine exhaust and it has not been tested.

Fully light tested and no touch-ups found.

Box & Inner stand Box 4

The pictorial box is very nice. Though the end flaps have the vulnerable slits this box has survived well. All flaps are without damage. A little graffiti is to one picture side and the opposite picture side has a small puncture just started from the cab roof fin. The inner stand and backing is very indeed. It comes complete with it’s instruction sheet.

Lovely and most popular model.