Dinky Toys 103 Austin Healey 100 Tourer


Issued: 1957-60
Published: October 2019

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This example is finished in bright red with a grey interior and matching ridged wheels and black smooth tyres. Driver in touring livery and a black metal steering wheel. The mottled base plate is not numbered.

Condition 4.75

Superb example with only a minor rub on drivers head. Hard to find any other  fault gleaming example. Lovely, smooth black tyres, grey wheels and base plate.

Box Box 3.5

A nice box, complete  and with no tears. Crease on red model side. Biro scrub mark to one end flap and cream colour spots to the end flaps


A superb example in a nice box.

Fully light tested and no evidence of any added touch-ins.

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