Dinky Toys 114 Triumph Spitfire


Issued: 1963-71
Published: April 2020
Variations: 1st Version

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Available from my own collection.

Description & Condition 4.75

Available from my own collection.
This is the second issue of several variation releases finish in silver with a red interior, blue lady driver showing off the use of her seat belts. The early versions had solid headlights with silver spun shaped wheels, black grip tyres and a graphite grey base plate numbered 114. It has a lovely clean windscreen and displays only the tiniest of marks on front bumper.
Probably the most familiar colour but still so nice in this condition.

Box Box 4.5

A nice solid box. Small creases only.


A super example with a very nice box with silver colour spot.
Light tested and free of any known touch -ins,