Dinky Toys 154 Hillman Minx


Issued: 1954-59

Availability: In stock

Rare with early base plate.

Description & Condition 4.5 Grade

Lovely clean example of this rare early version of the two tone Hillman Minx. It comes in cerise over pale blue with blue ridged wheels but the only example I have seen with early 40f style small writing base plate. If there is another variation nut like me you may get excited over this. Its a contradiction of terms a late issue two tone with early 40f base plate clearly shows an example of old base plates hanging around the factory and being used up for much later productions.

The condition is very nice with just a couple of tiniest nicks from mint. The wheels, tyres and base plate all without marking and no flats.

Box Box 3.5

The box is correct, inline with the production, by using an early single colour picture box and applying cerise colour stickers to each end. It is complete with no tears or repairs. Some grubbiness now but still a good box. No pricing.


Light tested for touch ups. There is a small touched in area, not easily seen by the natural eye to the front roof edge. A  nice displayable example and rare variation..




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