Dinky Toys 156 Rover 75


Issued: 1956-59
Published: August 2019

Availability: In stock

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Description & Condition 4.75

Superb two tone Rover in blue over cream with beige ridged wheels, smooth tyres and a 156 mottled base plate. Lovely condition, so close to mint. The most minutest box rubs to roof (study picture) but I am being very cautious this is a superb example. Tyres are nice, no flats and the wheels and base like new.

Box Box 3.5

A nice box, with bright card, correct colour of model spots and holding great shape. Some graffiti and box a little grubby but nice flaps with plenty of spring and no starter tears.

No pricing.


This is a superb example and a model that will light up any display cabinet.

Fully light tested for touch-ins. None identified.

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