Dinky Toys 231 Maserati Racing Car


Issued: 1954-60
Published: March 2020

Availability: In stock

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Description & Condition 5 Grade

This is a scarce transitional model with the usual features of red and white with red matching ridged wheels, white racing driver and grey tyres. However the base plate is a late issue shiny black gloss 231 base plate. It has white racing number ‘9’ and nose flash. Superb condition with only  a minor casting flaw along the back top seam. Lovely tyres and un-marked wheels and base plate.

Box 3.5 Grade

A strong and correct lighter yellow picture box. Slightly faded one end. The other end has a price in pencil and a previous owner has written lightly ‘White Flash’ on the same end. Small puncture hole on the topside of box from drivers head. All flaps attached with no repairs or damage with firm flaps.


A very striking model.

Fully light tested and no touch-ins.

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