Dinky Toys 025a Wagon Type 4


Issued: 1948-50
Published: August 2018
Variations: Late issue scarce colour

Availability: In stock


This is a type 4 base model and one of the last colours and a scarce variation. Probably, the nicest colour in bright blue over black with matching blue ridged wheels and black smooth tyres. There is a cast metal tow hook at the back.

Condition 4.5 Grade

A super example. Other than the usual missing gilt to the radiator and grill assembly and rub to the front bumper this model is about mint. Tiniest loss to rear ?20mph? transfer on the back. The tyres are now hard but with no flats. The wheels and the base like new.

Box. None

Sold from a shop keepers trade box of six.


Hard colour to find and a superb bright example. This would be hard example to upgrade.

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