Dinky Toys 281 Luxury Coach

£1,495.00 £1,395.00

Issued: 1954-59
Published: June 2019
Variations: Rare late issue US Export

Availability: In stock

Description & Condition. 4.75

Model. Very, Near Mint
Superb example of this ultra rare variation in a most attractive combination of body-flashes and wheels.
I purchased this model many years ago from ‘Keith Harvie’ of ‘Monmouth collectables’ USA who supplied me with many of the rare items I have today.

Unrecorded in the ‘Ramsay’s British Diecast’ catalogue.

It has a couple of small marks to the roof and hardly a box rub to the flashes to be seen. Beautiful clean wheels, base and original tyres with no flats, now hardened.

Now available for sale a collectors ‘Diecast Gem’. Never seen another probably few collectors have.

Box. Excellent. Box 3

Correct later model colour box but with cream end spots. Complete with all flaps and little signs of wear. Minor graffiti one end and some age grubbiness now. Still a good box.


Totally original, fully checked model and light tested with no known added touches.

A one off opportunity to own a very rare Dinky variation.

About 10 other colour variations available. This is the rarest. Feel free to contact.