Dinky Toys 440 Studebaker Tanker ‘Mobilgas’


Issued: 1958-61
Published: March 2020

Availability: In stock

Description & Condition

Here is a superb, fresh later issue Studebaker Tanker ‘Mobilgas. in red with silver roof caps and red matching wheels. This later issue has ‘Mobilgas’ in white lettering with a dark blue outline to the transfers. The model is in wonderful condition with no chipping that I can see. The tiniest nick only to the rear transfer a stray factory silver splash around the back over riders and that is about it, most would accept as a mint model. The black smooth tyres have no flats and remain supple. Lovely clean bright base plate.

Box Box 4

Box The box is near mint. Fresh and no damage. I would class as very, near mint but there is written graffiti to each picture side and one main end flap shows a little wear on the main seam. No tears or damage to the box.


Hard to find a much better model than this one with a very good box.

I have fully light tested and there is no evidence of added touch-ins.