Dinky Toys 512 Guy Flat Truck


Issued: 1948-54
Variations: Harder to find colour variation
Published: April 2020

Availability: In stock

From my own collection.


Description & Condition. 4 Grade

A very scarce colour of this early Guy Flat Truck finished in scarce orange with a green bed and early type green ridged wheels.

It has a lovely presence but there are a few chips mainly around the wheel arches and cab roof. The wheels, tyres and base all very nice and no rust to the back tow hook.

Box Box 3.5

This is a nice correct early box with red and white wrap over label. A large printed ‘O’ is on the label end for ‘Orange’. There are no split corners or label defacing. The staples as often are rusty and the top label is grubby but still a nice box.


A hard colour to find and a most popular Dinky.

Fully light tested and no sign of any touch-ins.