Dinky Toys 555 Commer Fire Engine


Issued: 1952-54
Published: October 2018
Sold: Aug 2019
Other: Scarce 1st version

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Sold directly from my collection on request.


A superb and rare issue with BROWN ladders. Only the second example I have ever handled in 40 years. Bright red Commer fire engine with 2 silver bells atop, grey hoses cast within the sides and silver section to the back. Finished with red ST wheels, grey tyres and an early numbered 555 mottled base plate.

Condition 4.75

No notable chips just usual high point edge rubs and points and where ladder rests. Lovely bright chrome bells and  fresh looking black tyres. The rare ladder shows no usual nicks and wear, quite superb.

Box Box 4

Lovely bright early blue box with orange wrap over label, with just some minor scuffs to base  and factory crinkle one base corner. The label has only minor wear. A superb box.


Fully light tested for touch ins. None discovered.  When did you last see this variation. A great cabinet piece.