Dinky Toys 563 Heavy Tractor


Issued: 1954-58
Published: August 2018

Availability: In stock


This Heavy Tractor is a bright orange example with green original tracks. It has a tan metal driver and green metal wheels. The base plate is the early mottled type with no numbering.

Condition 4.5 Grade

Often hard to find in any reasonable condition this example is very bright with a mint appearance. A few marks around but very, near mint example. The original tracks in superb condition. The wheels and base are clean. The tan metal driver some marking to his crown.

Box 4 Grade

This is an early brown carded box with the red and white wrap over label. Complete and no paper loss. There is the usual holes created from the driver head over the number 563. Strong box with no repairs and in near mint condition.


A very nice display piece.

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