Dinky Toys 623 Army Covered Wagon


Issued: 1954-63
Sold: March 2020

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Description & Condition 4.5 Grade

Lovely clean example of the Army Covered Wagon in drab green and matching ridged wheels and spare behind the cab. This is a later version with the shiny gloss smooth base plate.

In fine condition with just a couple of hardly visible nicks and slight box rubs only. The tyres still have that like new powdery appearance and are firming up. Tow hook, front regiment transfer are nice. Has a driver within. Lovely model.

Box  Box 3

The box is complete with all tabs. At one end all tabs have some wear and starter tears and would benefit from some ‘TLC’ such as invisible tape or alternative. A little grubby now but a complete box. One end flap has had the shop keepers price rubbed out with a Biro.


Light tested for touch ups. None identified. A  nice displayable example.




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