Dinky Toys 905 Foden 2nd Cab Chain Lorry


Issued: 1954-64
Published: April 2020

Availability: In stock


This is a very nice maroon Foden Chain Lorry with later issue red ST wheels and black grip tyres. A spare is mounted below the flatbed hold a spare tyre. A painted tow hook at the rear.

Condition 4.5 Grade

The condition of this Foden is fantastic with great show cabinet presence. There are some tiny nicks only and mainly around the wheel arches and an occasional small box rub. The tyres are very fresh including the spare with a like new screw and silver nut holding the spare.  Occasional mark but a very nice example.

Fully light tested and no touch-ins observed. Please study the pictures it a brilliant model.

Box Box 3.5

This is a very nice box. The box top is very near mint and bright with no faults to note. I have down graded due to the box base which has scuffs at each short end.  Other than that it would also be very near mint. It includes the original protector card. Maroon factory spot applied to one end.