Dinky Toys 958 Guy Snow Plough


Issued: 1960-66
Sold: Sept 2019

Out of stock



This is the Guy Warrior cab in black with black chassis. The back is yellow also a horizontal band in yellow goes around the cab. The ST wheels are in yellow. This version with a black and yellow blade. It has a hydraulic lifting blade and a workman’s blue light on the cab roof.There is a black spare ST tyre under the chassis.

Condition. 4.75

A superb example so close to mint. A rub to the front centre of blade and the most minor marks to the top blade edge only. Stunning appearance. The tyres and gloss base are very nice.

Box.  Box 3.5

A very nice box. Slight rub to one top corner. Lovely base with barely a mark.


Light tested for touch ups. None identified. A very nice displayable example.




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