Dinky Toys 036f 4 Seater Tourer with Driver Pre-War


Issued: 1937-41
Published: April 2020
Variations: Very Rare Pre-War

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Available for sale from my own long standing personal Dinky collection.

Rare Pre-War model

Description & Condition. Good Plus Grade 2.5

Here is a very scarce 4-seater Salmson in two tone green (green over dark green) with driver. It has black smooth wheels and smooth white tyres. Overall, the condition is very good with some general play wear. The windscreen is partly rusty now and the front radiator has no gilt remaining. There is no evidence of fatigue. The driver is loose and would benefit being resealed to seat. The white tyres are now hardened, the front two have some cracking. The model rolls very well. Always notoriously difficult Pre-War to find in any condition a great model for your Pre-War collection. Some touching in as seen in the photos.
This piece is now over 80 years old.

Box. None

None sold from a trade box by the shop keeper.


Rare and sought-after model.
Light tested. Though not showing under an ultra violet light there is evidence of some early touch-ins around the bonnet area.
I would think this was most likely touched up after leaving the factory but early in the models life.