Dinky Toys 028E Delivery Van 1st Issue


Issued: 1934-35
Published: December 2018
Other: Very Rare Pre War Issue
Sold: July 2019

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Dinky Toys 028E Pre War ‘Ensign’ Delivery Van 1st Issue

A ‘Diecast Gems’


Here is an original and very hard issue to find in any condition, a 28 series 1st issue delivery van, in the orange body with yellow washed metal wheels in ‘Ensign Cameras’ advertising in gold. On the opposite side is ‘Ensign Lukos Films’ in gold. Any 28 series van is a difficult find but this variation must be one of the best 10 remaining examples in the world of this rare advertising van.

Condition 4.5 Grade

This beautiful model , totally original with no touch ups is in near mint to very near mint condition. The radiator surround remains gleaming with no rust or corrosion. The body work is amazing. Some little box rubs on the back end, an occasional nick to the mudguards and body, that sums it up. The wheels are very nice and from below like new. Outstanding piece. No evidence of corrosion or damage.


None. Sold from a trade box of six different advertising vans. I believe the current world record sale for Dinky is a trade box of these 1st series delivery vans.


What an opportunity for the connosuir Dinky collector. The best I have seen in 40 years of collecting.